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The following Scriptures prove that it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the children of Israel to have reached Mount Sinai in time for the traditional third month Pentecost.

The children of Israel departed from Ramseys on the 15th day of the FIRST month, Numbers 33:3, and the Almighty spoke to them in the wilderness of Sin on the 15th day of the SECOND month, Exodus 16:1.

Judging from my map of the children of Israel's journey from Ramseys to the Wilderness of Sin which is approximately 150 mi. and when we do the math, we find approximately 150 mi. being traveled in 30 days and by dividing 30 into 150 we see that they had averaged 5 mi. per day.

They stayed in the camp at the wilderness of Sin for at least seven days which brings us to a total of 37 days.

My Map shows they traveled approximately 220 mi. from Ramseys to Riphidim therefore it is 70 mi. across the wilderness of Sin to Riphidim. It is conclusive that it took 30 days for them to cover the 150 mi. from Ramseys to the Wilderness of Sin, we can safely conclude that it took another 14 days to travel 70 mi. through the wilderness of Sin to Riphidim totaling 51 days.

When they camped at Riphidim there was no water there and the children of Israel murmured because after 14 days their water was gone and they were dying of thirst, so Moses strikes the rock etc. and afterwards they were attacked by Amalek and Moses told Joshua to go out TO MORROW and fight against Amalek Exodus 17:8 which would add another day to the 51 days, totaling 52 days and on the morrow the battle lasted all day until the going down of the sun, verse 12, which would be going into the 53rd day.

On day 53, Moses was told to write a book and he also built an altar to the Almighty, verse 14 and 15.

Even if they left Riphidim on day 54 and traveled approximately 10 mi. to the mount, it would be day 55 when they reached mount and if the Almighty spoke the 10 commandments to them three days later, which would be a total of 58 days from Ramseys. What day do you keep Pentecost on?

This time line is being very generous and it shows they could not have reached mount in the third month for the traditional Pentecost. Someone might question the 5 mi. per day average but a grown man can travel 15 to 20 mi. per day but when we consider women and children moving all their belongings alone with the gold and different treasures from Egypt, I believe we can safely assume that the children and women could not travel the same distance in a day as a grown man, maybe one half the distance which would be seven to 10 mi. per day. On top of this, herding the animals, sheep, goats, and cattle, not to mention any poultry etc. at any rate around 5 mi. per day seems reasonable for such a great multitude traveling in the wilderness, carrying everything they have, headed for a new land. And it does not really matter whether it seems reasonable to someone or not because according to the pinpointed number of days and the distance traveled, 5 mi. per day was the average, this is an absolute.

All someone has to do is realize that ancient Israel and Israel today sows spring wheat in the spring and reaps it in the summer and this is the true Pentecost wheat which is 50 days after the seventh Sabbath complete according to Leviticus 23:16 NOT the Winter wheat that is sown in the winner and reaped in the spring after Barley harvest. see

Brother Arnold